The staff is amazing and very caring. The costs are affordable and the vet always gives options and doesn't jump to the most expensive course of action. I have 1 dog and 2 cats who are seen here.

-Kimberly Campista


We have been having issues with our dog having diarrhea for several months now. We have tried all sorts of food, and 2 other vets. We were basically at the point where we could no longer afford vet care for a problem that seemed to be getting no better. Every vet visit for this issue was 300-400 dollars and it never fixed it. We went in today, because my Dad suggested that they were very inexpensive. I'm SOO happy. I spent around 100 dollars and got everything our guy needed to start getting better. The only test they ran was one I asked for, not a bunch of over priced pointless tests like the other places. He came away with 3 meds and specific instructions and lots of understanding. Also, my dog has a history of aggression with vets. He was TOTALLY fine with the doc today. He growled one time (when she did something not too nice to his behind) and he was even wagging his tail at her. I will tell everyone I know to give this place a try.

-Ashleigh Pearl

I love this place. Dr Kim Post is so patient, professional, and caring with my two girls. I have a 10yo Min Pin that does not like people and Dr Kim is the only Vet I trust knowing she will be treated delicately with care. Dr Kim is honest, and gives you accurate diagnosis without fluff but is still very delicate with the owners concerns. I drive 45 minutes to Banks with a smile on my face knowing I am paying for the service, care, and professionalism and not the lobby's marble floors like other places in Portland. I will continue to go to Dr Kim as long as I own a animal.

-Jason Girard


Love them! Great prices and very knowledgeable. We greatly appreciate that they are able to see any of our animals livestock, cats and horses!

-Nicole Kennedy

Can't say enough good things about this place. We had an emergency late on a Friday night and Dr Christina showed up and did hours of careful work. We could tell she truly cares about what does, and is skilled at it. The price was reasonable as well.

-Jeremy Morgan