My cat has chronic ear infections and I have taken him to a few different vets over the years.. Each time I would end up spending a few hundred dollars on tests, just to find out the same thing.. My cat needed antibiotics. Dr. Steve came highly recommended, however his office was a bit out of my way. Finally after spending over $400 on tests & an ear flush only for my cat to have the same symptoms less than a week later, I decided to make the journey to Banks. I could not be happier that I did! Dr. Steve was very straight forward, he gave me helpful information that no other vet had ever offered. Instead of charging me to run all sorts of tests, he simply swabbed my cats ear & said, 'oh yes, he definitely has an infection.' he also mentioned that my cat should have never had an ear flush done 'because here in the northwest moisture is the enemy more often then not.' He ended up giving me some antibiotics and some pointers on how to prevent ear infections in the future. The entire visit cost me less than $100. We are now going on 3 years ear infection FREE. The prices are fair, the staff is great & Dr. Steve has been incredibly helpful. I will never take my Romeo anywhere else :)

-Amanda Grant

We have been having issues with our dog having diarrhea for several months now. We have tried all sorts of food, and 2 other vets. We were basically at the point where we could no longer afford vet care for a problem that seemed to be getting no better. Every vet visit for this issue was 300-400 dollars and it never fixed it. We went in today, because my Dad suggested that they were very inexpensive. I'm SOO happy. I spent around 100 dollars and got everything our guy needed to start getting better. The only test they ran was one I asked for, not a bunch of over priced pointless tests like the other places. He came away with 3 meds and specific instructions and lots of understanding. Also, my dog has a history of aggression with vets. He was TOTALLY fine with the doc today. He growled one time (when she did something not too nice to his behind) and he was even wagging his tail at her. I will tell everyone I know to give this place a try.

-Ashleigh Pearl

Great Vet and Great Price! I grew up in Banks and after moving away I had to take my pets to the vet a couple times. The first few times I went to close by vets and was always left with my problem not being taken care of or with my wallet empty. I finally made the drive back home when my cat was having stomach issues and losing lots of weight, after that visit I will never use another vet. They did a checkup, gave me anti nausea medicine, special food and antibiotics for my cat and the whole thing was under ninety dollars when I was expecting around two hundred. The people who work there are also so nice and they always care about the animal first. They will let you pay them in parts too because they understand when it's an emergency. I have only had Dr steve checking my animals a few times when I was younger, every time I've gone in recently I've had Dr. Megan. She is a very sweet person and while dr. steve can be a bit more on the dry side everyone else there can make up for it. I've never had a problem when calling in and everyone always tries to give me the best advice they can over the phone and I always have seen great customer service there. I ended up having to take my older cat there recently for urinary issues and left him over night. It was a Saturday when I took him in and the doctor came in the next day when they were closed and waited so I could come get my cat instead of making me wait until they were open Monday. The location is a bit out of my way but when I know I'm not going to get run through a bunch of pointless tests and my bank account won't be emptied I have no issues driving out there. And if my opinion doesn't mean anything then you should respect the fact that my cats all love the vets that work there and always purr and want attention from them.

-A Google User

We commute almost 30 miles one-way to Banks. Veterinarian Steve and his staff are truly compassionate about animals and wonderful to work with. We have taken small animals (including a duck and ewe) in addition to dogs and cats. Steve has also made housecalls to tend our horses. He was easy to work with in the barn. His love and patience for animals is so apparent. Banks Veterinary Clinic embodies the values I was raised to appreciate. We are devoted customers for life!

-A Google User